In Trakai Forest Enterprise, Jagelonys Forest is classified as a professional hunting area. The purpose of hunting areas is augmenting the population of hunted animals and developing hunting tourism. In total, 4084 ha are allocated for professional hunting in Trakai Forest Enterprise, including 1755 ha of forests, 2292 ha of fields, and 37 ha of water bodies. The professional hunting area is located in Elektrėnai Municipality. The Wildlife Population Growth Programme was prepared for this hunting area and special measures to increase the population of hunted animals are implemented. In order to maintain optimum ecological number of animals, biotechnical felling is carried out in winter, which improves tree branch food sources. Every year, grain cultures are sown in special feeding areas, animals receive supplementary fodder, and hay is made in the meadows in summer. Moose, red deer, boars, deer, foxes, beavers, forest martens, badgers and grey hares live in the territories managed by the foresters.
The Forest Enterprise organises commercial hunts for Lithuanian and foreign hunters in the professional hunting area. Organising hunts in professional hunting area of Trakai Forest Enterprise is the activity of the Forest Enterprise, which continues and develops old and deep-rooted hunting traditions in Lithuania. Hunting towers for stand hunting were built in the professional hunting area. In order to ensure safety, technological lines are equipped for driven hunts, where the hunters wait for the game in special towers.
The funds collected from commercial hunts and services rendered to hunters according to set hunting rates are used for maintenance of the professional hunting areas.



Please contact Daiva Radzevičienė or Dainius Taukis about organising a hunt by telephone +370-528-32334 or e-mail (during business hours).


Registration for hunts:

Complete an online registration form ;
Arrive at State Enterprise Trakai Forest Enterprise at Miškininkų g. 8, Rubežių k., Trakų r. and approach Daiva Radzevičienė or Dainius Taukis (during business hours);
Complete a registration form and send by e-mail:

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